Transformative Learning


Mezirows Transformational learning model is very interesting to me and one key concept that I am wrestling with here is teacher roles vs student roles. I believe these roles are not set in stone and vary depending on lesson, instructor and student. One influence that I have taken from the article I posted is how I can be more observant of my influence in promoting transformational learning.  A key phrase I came across in another article about transformative learning also resonates with me, its “disorientating dilemmas.” The idea of creating small problems for students to learn through, may result in some transformations, as an outcome of working through the problem. These disorientating dilemmas can be especially useful during practical projects and I think the potentials for learning through these experiences is tremendous. Another insight I have gained is that I can also use unforeseen situations or hindrances in my program as an excellent opportunity to create learning opportunities.


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