Fixed vs Growth Mindsets


I came across this article which illustrates the differences in mindsets with some visual graphics. Most of the articles I have come across do not highlight many positive attributes on having a fixed mindset, this was disappointing for me as I like to see the benefits of opposing ideas. From what I have read online and with my current understandings of the two mindsets, the only place I know of that a fixed mindset may be beneficial is in regards to safety policies and rules. On a construction site having a fixed mindset in regards to safety may save more workers from injury as policies will be adhered to more stringently as people will be fixed on them.

I was drawn to the article I chose to post about because of how it has influenced my thoughts on priming my students to utilize a growth mindset in my classroom, the topics of focus are simple and easy to understand. The ideas listed such as – embrace challenges, persists in the face of setbacks and learn from criticism are all growth-mindset ideas that can be incorporated into the themes of my lessons. Creating curriculum and exercises is something I will be looking at differently as well, with greater emphasis put on creating activities that encourage growth mindset type thinking.


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