Motivation is a critical part of being a good instructor and could make or break the students experience in the classroom. The article I found online listed twelve ways in which teachers could motivate students, some of the ideas presented in the article have stood out and I hope to incorporate them into my lessons.

Topic number 2. Expect Excellence.  I really like this idea and I feel a good way for me to incorporate it into my lessons is by talking about a tradesman vs general laborers. Inspiring them to be greater by showing them the vast differences in the two types of construction workers may motivate them to excel and participate more in the classroom. I must be careful not to set the bar too high and also show excellence with my practical demonstrations.

Topic number 7. Open-Format Fridays. This is another concept that I would like to incorporate within my lessons when possible. The learners will be motivated to have an enjoyable Friday and it may also give me insights as to which students have intrinsic motivations vs extrinsic, based upon their choices for Fridays classroom format.


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