Highlight of the discussion with my learning partner

After my meeting with Jennifer Hunter my PIDP learning partner, I discovered that there were some similarities in our respective fields, Jennifer works in the medical imaging field as a sonographer. A current trend we spoke about in her field was how about technology was improving enabling them to do the same jobs in more detail and with more ease. With new simulators and technology improvements, the same practices are being improved upon, there is more awareness being created and student scanning skills are developed faster.

Upon discussing trends in adult education we both agreed that competency based training was something that was trending however in our fields of work competency based training was criteria. Online training has become more prevalent as we have noticed, people today are more inclined to use this form of delivery since it is much more convenient. There are also a larger variety of smaller real life type courses with direct results which are really diversifying adult education, a good example of this trend would be the craft brewing crash courses offered online with kits for sale too. Advancements in technology have provided a wider range of learning options and tools with more hands on simulators giving the student a more realistic training experience.

I believe that blended learning combining theory and practice will become a greater responsibility of the teachers. More courses are implementing social media into the classes with online meetings, making it easier to do group activities. In my line of work there is greater emphasis on mentorship and as an instructor I will have to find more creative ways to implement mentorship training in preparing the student for leadership roles. One other thing Jennifer and I had discussed was the task of getting students to think critically making them better problem solvers, in my field of work this is a subject often forgotten as the emphasis is strictly on learning subject material.


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