Characteristics in Adult Learners

Purposeful: “Workplace training is often part of an initiative that involves change. Adults want to know the purpose of training and the motivation underlying an organization’s training initiative.”



I found an article on characteristics of adult learners which listed several points and explained the relevance of each point. I enjoyed reading through the points and found one particular point that stood out for me. The articles states that adult learners need to be engaged in something purposeful. I find that some students cannot identify the importance of certain lessons and I feel that one way in which I could create more meaning for the learner is by demonstrating the importance of what is being taught and how it will benefit the student in their career.  I feel that by showing the class the value in the knowledge they are gaining from that lesson it will give that lesson purpose and that purpose may be the catalyst for further engagement in that topic. There are simple ways in which I could begin to implement purpose and simplicity may be my best option to start with. Using particular phrases and making certain statement are where I will start. Plumbers that are weak in math’s usually do not qualify themselves for tasks involving building layout calculations or system design, to name a few, so in order to keep those avenues open one must have decent mathematical skills.  That statement is an example of how I will make students aware of purpose behind lessons and I hope to use very simple but precise observations when showing students purpose.


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